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The TV is full of new and old series that concentrate on supercars, regular cars and even bad cars. The shows tell you how to maintain and take care of the car without destroying it. Supercars in good hands can last for a really long time. It is well known that supercars are the result of highest level of engineering in the world. It requires more than just a powerful engine to be a supercar. Supercars consist of many elements that all are just as crucial for the performance of the car. One of the key elements is body. How strong it is, how much it weighs, how it takes the air resistance and moreover of course how it looks like. Another key element is naturally the engine. The history of supercars knows a variety of engines. Big and small, turbo charged or not. The size clearly does not matter when talking about engines.

What really make a supercar, though, is the hands it will be given into. Who drives it, where and how. If you give a supercar to a young girl who just got her license, it is very likely to get either crashed or never be driven. If you give it to a young boy, the results may be the same but it sure will be driven. So, to drive a supercar you have to have proper experience of driving cars before you start to play. You have to know how the power handles, how rear wheel drive handles and how front wheel drive handles. All these elements have to be in flesh memory to handle the situation when it comes your way.

How the supercar handles is one of the biggest questions when it comes to driving it. If you’re driving on a track one of the main elements are tyres. You have to always choose the right tyres for the right car. If you have a rear wheel drive with a whole lot of horsepower, you are likely to choose different tyres (in Finnish: renkaat) than a big 4x4 with a lot of power under the bonnet.

When you have the right hands behind the right car with the correct tyres, you will be fast and furious.

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Supercars in right hands

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Supercars in right hands

This article was published on 2012/04/16